“Informatics for All”: First ACM Celebration of Women in Computing in Spain

Passion. That’s one of the very first things that people from outside Spain may think of whenever they are asked to describe Spaniards. It was passion indeed that we saw and celebrated at the ACM-W Celebration in Spain, Informática Para Tod@s (Informatics for All). At the event, hosted on July 1 in the School of Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, professionals from industry and academia mingled with students of all levels and discussed technical aspects of different areas in computing, as well as topics related to the role that gender plays in this profession. In addition, a poster session reflecting the current state of art in various fields of computer science, and a job fair provided many opportunities for attendees to exchange ideas.

The very inspiring successful speakers not only shared their work and advice but also their drive and their enthusiasm. There were many moments when we all laughed, and many when we still laughed even when adversities were discussed. This was because the environment was so supportive and empowering, that difficulties were presented as something unpleasant but possible to overcome: we were convinced that there was no obstacle too high for a woman in computing, especially with access to a network like the one formed by the attendees.

dsc_0005Photo credit: Carolina Marín Cortés

This network will keep growing by the celebration of the next edition of the event in 2017. (Interested in helping? Drop me a line at vgrande@acm.org!). It will also be expanded by the presence of the new local ACM-W chapters that will be launched in Spain. If your university doesn’t have one, contact me!

I strongly recommend everyone to attend a celebration in your area. If you can’t find any, why not start one? Let us know how we can help. And, in any possible way, keep celebrating women in computing!

This post has appeared in the ACM MemberNet.

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